Client Testimonials


“Outstanding work as usual.”
-S. S.

“Richard Sakoda is friendly and nice and easy to talk to and he impressed us as an attorney who thoroughly knows his business. If you are current with an established estate plan, that’s great. If not, do seriously consider attending S&T’s seminar and learning all about it. S&T’s plan is comprehensive and complete and will give peace of mind to you and your family that all matters pertaining to your estate are properly accounted for.”
-S. T.

“Keep up the good work, we look forward to the newsletters!”
-R. & M. T.

“It is a big relief to know that everything is taken care of when we pass and have contact if needed. Mrs. Hobus is a credit to your firm.”
-J. & J. J., Jr.

“I’m extremely impressed and satisfied with the support, follow thru, and results in dealing with Wendy Miki Glaus.”
-C. S.

“I appreciated knowing how Hawaii laws do not protect against probate if a person just has a will. Also found the information about the Health Care Directive informative. I have told friends how helpful you were.”
-P. O.

“Michelle Scully Hobus was very efficient and helpful in every way. She covered everything perfectly.”
-J. C. & D. F.

“A very professional and knowledgeable organization that genuinely cares about people. Mahalonui!”
-J. & S. G.

“I was very comfortable meeting with Michelle Scully Hobus at Pohai Nani Care Center, my new home. Her professional advice and calming manner made me feel secure that I would be able to have her support and understanding for my estate planning needs.”
-G. L.

“Michelle Scully Hobus was extremely helpful and compassionate in explaining the setup of a special needs trust for our daughter and how it can initially be incorporated into our trust. Knowing that we can call Michelle or your firm to answer any questions is a blessing! Mahalo!
-R. & C. E.

“We always felt comfortable working with the staff. We were impressed with the knowledge and experience of the professionals and the support staff. We are very satisfied. Wendy Miki Glaus was very caring and patient.”
-R. & A. E.

“We were impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of Carlos Di Ponio and Wendy Concepcion.”
-P. & L. M.

“Richard Sakoda did a super follow up for me on my original documents done by Judy Sterling. I’m glad to see her work in good hands.”
-S. G.

“Continue with current services and professional courtesy. Much appreciation for everyone at Sterling & Tucker for making me part of their Ohana. Really enjoyed meeting you all.”
-G. Y.

“Helpful and Courteous. Dependable in time of need. Availability is wonderful. Takes time to understand our situation.”

“Sterling & Tucker is a sterling silver firm that helps you to Tuck away your assets to avoid expensive probate and to consolidate all your resources to make the administration of your trust easier for the surviving trustees. We are so relieved that we are almost done with completing all the funding requirements.”
-K. & L. KI.

“Should have done this long ago”
-H. M.

“Friendly, knowledgeable, & professional”
-G. & L. B.

“I have attended the seminars provided in Hilo — very convenient! I always learn something new and find them informative and relative to estate planning and legal issues!”
-J. P.

“Professional and excellent service that a lay person can understand. The staff is very caring and personable and puts the client at ease”
-S. E.

“Ms. Michelle Scully Hobus is such a down to earth person, approachable, kind, in short has a lot of aloha”

“I was very impressed because everybody in your office was kind, organized well, and explained legal matters patiently to me”
-S. L.

“My husband and I needed to update our living trust and advanced directives for healthcare.  From the initial contact by phone to meeting with Michelle (our amazing new lawyer) we were made to feel comfortable and valued as a kamaaina family.  Michelle deftly assessed our situation and presented opportunities that would clarify and enhance our legal position.  Not only is the location a relaxed enclave of busy downtown Honolulu, but the office has an air of comfort and caring.  We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Sterling & Tucker law firm and are confident that they will continue to care for our needs and those of our heirs.”
-G. & K. H.

“We are very satisfied with the work done on our living trust. Michelle and staff were a pleasure to work with — knowledgeable, efficient and personable. We highly recommend you!”
– W. & M. P.

“I am completely satisfied with your service and am very happy to have been introduced to Wendy M. Glaus and your firm. You guys are great”
– I.S.

“Legal staff is very thoughtful and concerned with the well being of its clients. We feel they listened to our needs and were able to provide a resolution to our life estate planning.”
-A. F.

“We appreciate your spending so much time with us in updating our trust documents and exploring how we might enhance our current investment portfolio. It’s comforting to know we didn’t delay acting on these important matters with your help.”
-G. & E. M.

“The service staff at Sterling & Tucker is exceptional. They make you feel important while providing the legal work needed. I am very satisfied with the quality and thoughtfulness of everybody I’ve encountered.”
-E. K.

“Appreciate the ongoing client information seminars and like the team/group concept where someone in the organization can take over when the lawyer who wrote up the trust is no longer available.”
-N. & F. M.

“The completion of my Living Trust was excellent and the explanation of all the different sections was very good. I had very little stress doing the trust.”
-R. L.

“We were extremely pleased with the legal knowledge and high level of expertise shared with us in developing our trust. Not having done this before, we required step-by-step explanations. We feel Michelle Tucker did an excellent job in helping us establish a living trust that will carry out our wishes.”
-D. & A. F.

“Excellent, comprehensive written documents and services rendered. This firm was the only one recommended in our long search for a trust attorney. After the trust seminar, we knew we had found one in Michelle Tucker.”
-J. & M. T.

“Mr. Richard Sakoda was outstanding in his explanation. We were able to understand everything presented.”
-P. & J. K.

“I was impressed with the service I received and the terrific customer service displayed by all your staff.”
-A. K.

“Perhaps the most important aspect of your services, for me, was the consultation prior to document preparation, how readily my needs were accurately assessed (considering personal as well as financial needs); how comprehensive and practical were recommended services, and then how expertly all were carried out. I feel relieved to have these details taken care of!”

“Judith Sterling and all staff members were knowledgeable, courteous, attentive and friendly. They handled the updating of my trust, the closing of my parents’ estate and the transfer of all assets. Everyone’s expertise, high quality knowledge and service helped me to put my mind at ease.”

“Ms. Hobus was extremely helpful to me doing my estate planning. She educated me in the estate planning process and was generous with her time. Because of her experience in working with charities, she offered valuable advice to help me make decisions. I made the correct decision in choosing an attorney.”

“My wife and I especially appreciated the no pressure, no rush, easy to understand language used during the seminar, personal consultation, and follow-up correspondence. My only recommendation would be to continue using the same approach with all of your clients – it works.”
-T. S.

“Michelle Hobus has a gift of personal insight when evaluating the needs of others. I felt a true sense of compassion, understanding, and aloha ‘aina from her. MAHALO nui.”
-S. F.

“Thank you for all of your help and patience in helping us to develop the extensive and complicated documents in keeping with our requests.”
-R. & J. N.


“Your firm provides the key information necessary to plan for a living trust and the documents were very well explained.”
-C. L.

“Service was just great. Outstanding service.”
-R. & F. N.

“Excellent professional service made the whole process very enjoyable.”
-P. & P. S.

“Excellent, comprehensive written documents and services rendered. This firm was the only one recommended in our long search for a trust attorney. After the trust seminar, we knew we had found one in Michelle Tucker.”
-M. & J. T.

“You guys are 1st RATE. I will recommend you! Aloha!”
-G. T.

“We are remiss about not having written to you long ago about Carlos Di Ponio…His awesome abilities as both legal advisor and; let’s face it, geriatric counselor; turned what began as an experience which hovered between fear and sorrow into an experience rife with life and laughter. You are most fortunate to have this fine young man associated with your firm. We only hope you appreciate him as much as we did!”
-W. & N. S.

“Thorough job. Lawyers are completely understanding and concerned with mine and my family’s well-being. They were patient and concise with their explanations and made my decisions easier in light of their concerns. The staff at Sterling & Tucker are the best in what they do.”
-R. D.

“You delivered what you promised in a very timely manner. The work was professional and thorough.”
-B. S.

“Having very little experience/knowledge in these matters, I appreciate the friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere and having the combined services of your legal/accounting departments.”
-K. M.

“I am very satisfied with the services given to me and look forward to a long and pleasant association with this firm.”
-J. H.

“Your firm has an excellent and well deserved reputation. Thanks.”
-P. B. & C. C.

“Your services were provided expeditiously and in an easily understood format and presentation. I’m impressed with the quality and thoroughness of all the documents. Michelle was extremely professional, warm and courteous. Given this evaluation, I can’t think of any better approach in servicing your clients.”
-S. S.

“We really appreciated Wendy Miki walking us through the whole process of applying for my mother’s Medicaid as it was overwhelming! We couldn’t have done it without Wendy’s help. Thank you so much!!”
-R. G.

“Michelle Hobus is an excellent attorney and a truly empathetic individual. Thank you for everything.”
-G. B.

“We really appreciated your excellent help in preparing our living trust. We felt that everything was handled very professionally and have never been to such a fine law firm as yours.”
-T. & D. O.

“Mr. Richard Sakoda was outstanding in his explanations. He helped us understand everything that was presented to us. Mahalo.”
-P. & J. K.

“I really appreciated the professional treatment I received from Wendy Miki. She took the time to explain matters, was considerate in all areas and treated me fairly. Your receptionist was very warm and friendly and I appreciated the coffee!”

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